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Plane Knitting

Hubby and I are about to hop on a plane to visit his sister for a few days, and I’m feeling a little paranoid. There’s the usual “but what if I run out of knitting?” fear I have every time I travel, but also? Every project I have going right now (3!!!) is on dpns. I know the TSA website says knitting needles of all kinds are fine, and I’ve literally never had trouble over it before, but I feel like if they’re going to take exception to any type of knitting needle, it’s pointy little dpns.


The thought of losing my needles this far into a sock this intricate makes me a little panicky, but I’ve discovered it makes me less panicky than the thought of not having anything to knit in the airport. So I’m risking it.


At least, I’m risking it with two of the projects. The third is going in my checked baggage, along with some spare yarn and needles. I’m not that brave.

Too Many Knits, Not Enough Time

I want to stay home and knit. Like, all day, for weeks. It’s pretty much all I want to do lately. Unfortunately, this thing called Life keeps getting in the way.

2015-12-13 14.39.15.jpg

I finished the first Eloina sock, and am midway down the leg of the other one. The complicated cables mean I haven’t memorized the chart, which means these socks don’t travel too well. It’s okay though, because after I finished sock one I took a “break” to cast on the Irish Moss gloves Hubby’s been asking for.

2015-12-16 16.57.06.jpg

Those are much better for when I can’t be looking at a chart all the time. However even those have limitations because I need to have the Husbeast on hand (pun totally intended!) to try them on all the time. So, when I’m really traveling somewhere I need something completely mindless, I have a big old stockinette sleeve for an upcoming design.

And yet I still feel like I’m not getting enough knitting time. This whole “having to work for a living” and “wanting to live in a clean house like a human being” business is really cramping my style!


Field Trip, In Pictures

My purse project and I took a field trip yesterday!

sock starting

We slowly made our way from monotonous suburbia out into the rolling hills a couple hours west…


and eventually all the way to the caverns.

caverns1     caverns2

The caverns still fascinate me every time I go, and I have to say my 7th graders seemed exceptionally absorbed and quiet too.


…especially after I explained how the organ works.

After our cave tour, we took the kids to a pretty hedge maze; a new experience for almost all of them.


Being the incredible city-slickers my students are, they proceeded to spend the next hour running in circles, giggling hysterically, and freaking out every time any of them saw a bug. The other teachers and I strolled calmly behind them and tried not to laugh too loud.

After a picnic lunch in which the air was filled with complaints of “It smells like dirt!” and “Pieces of the tree are falling on meeeee!”, it was time to zoom on home.

going home

…except we didn’t “zoom” for long.


At least my sock and I had lots of time together.



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