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Too Many Choices

So I’m coming to the end of the knitting portion of an upcoming sweater design, and also find myself seriously lacking a purse project. I love picking new projects, but I have so many fun new yarns I can’t even decide which yarn to use let alone what project. Help me decide!


I’ve been wanting to knit with my handspun more, and this single 90 gram skein of more-or-less sport weight pretty seems awfully tempting after a massive sweater. I think there’s about 245 yards of it, which is enough for a hat (I have way more than I need) or a cowl, or a couple pairs of boot toppers. Hmm…


Then there’s the 324 yards of chunky alpaca that’s so radically different from what I generally knit with that I can’t help but be intrigued. It doesn’t hurt that it’s 100% alpaca, so I occasionally wander over to the stash just to pet it. I can make pretty much the same things from this as I could from handspun, but I definitely want the alpaca to go into something worn close to my skin.


Then in a totally different vein is the Art by Eve yarn. It’s lace weight and in a sweater quantity, which is a little daunting so soon after this other sweater. On the other hand, siiiiiiiiilk. Also, it’s such a light shade of green, and everything else this time of year is so dang dark.

Then of course there’s all the rest of my stash. It’s not small. So, help me decide, oh wise readers.


2016 Fiber Goals

New year, new plans. What can I reasonably expect to accomplish this year? I’d like to:

  1. Publish at least 2 new sweaters.
  2. Publish at least 4 new patterns.
  3. Knit the entirety of at least 1 of my spinning stashes (there are currently 3 in stash ready for knitting).handspun
  4. Spin something that can be interchanged with commercial yarn, instead of having to search for/create patterns that can tolerate a bit of thick and thin.
  5. Finally finish the dang POD I’ve been working on since I was engaged. Our 5 year anniversary is this summer; it’s getting a little ridiculous.blanket

This isn’t very many things, but I still worry they’re a bit overambitious. Not one of the things on that list will be fast. What do you think? Reasonable or not?

GAL and Small Business Saturday

So my Knit Picks order finally arrived:


And after a bit of fondling the alpaca that came in the box, I cast on Eloina for the GAL. To be totally honest I bought the pattern purely because it’s pretty, and I have no real need for it. That’s lucky, because when the yarn arrived it was not remotely the same color it looks like on my computer. I really should have known better, because purple is always a tricky color and Knit Picks colors tend to run warm compared to what my computer shows. Nonetheless, it turned out to be a shade of “purple” (pinkish purple) that will look fantastic on my sister, so now she is getting surprise socks in addition to her other Christmas gift.


Yes, that really is my standard for unsolicited handknits. “I have the yarn and the pattern anyway, and even if you hate it at least I got to knit something really fun and you got something else too”. Seems like a pretty fair standard to me.

Last Saturday Hubby also suggested going out shopping for Small Business Saturday, which he insisted should include a stop at our LYS (God I love him). So I came home with a gorgeous new hunk of roving from a trunk show Flying Goat Farm was having, and some Berroco Vintage for remaking the Irish Moss Gloves Hubby has worn out. This one isn’t an unsolicited knit; he actually specifically requested it when he suggested LYS shopping. Have I mentioned what a smart decision I made in marrying him?

2015-11-28 15.45.26

In any case I will cast on the Irish Moss golves and a Brumby Jill as soon as I finish the Eloina socks. Add that to the  scrumptious alpaca design still on the needles and I certainly won’t run out of stitchwork anytime soon!

Photographing Green

I’ve been spinning fiber in the most gorgeous heathered shades of green this week, and you would never know it.


I’ve tried photographing it for you half a dozen different ways, and not only does not a single one come remotely close to the correct color…


None of them are even close to the same color as in any of the other pictures.


It’s bizarre. What is it about green that’s apparently so impossible to photograph?


It’s a shame because so much of what I make is, in fact, green. Anyone more skilled with the camera have some advice?

Spun and Done

I have had this giant box of unknown blue-grey fiber sitting in my stash in two homes now, for a good four years.


This was maybe half the original.

It was a gift from Hubby’s sister back when we were engaged, and I have been spinning it for.ever. Initially I spun it on my very first drop spindle, and the first skein was pretty unusable.


I kept plugging away, and eventually got my beloved wheel which made the spinning much faster. Eventually it became a garter stitch beret and a ladder stitch cowl, and there was still more. Lots more.


I kind of settled into spinning and plying it to be more or less worsted weight, and I’ve been stockpiling it in my stash. Today, I finally, finally spun the very. last. bit.

last skein

63 beautiful grams of the very last skein of this stuff! Done done done done done! Paired with the other skeins, I think I have about 550 yards of roughly worsted weight two-ply. What should I make with it?


2014 Reflections

It is now after dark and almost time to start thinking about champagne and kisses!


Oh who am I kidding, I’ve been ready for this all day! New Year’s Eve is also for reflecting on the year that’s passed though, and I think this has been a pretty good one. Not a whole lot has happened in my personal life, although the trip to Norway will certainly make the lifetime highlight reel.


What about my fiber life? I knit and crocheted an even 8200 yards of yarn this year, including some new designs that are not yet published or on Ravelry. Add in the WIPs currently on the needles (I only put completed projects in the calculator), and that puts me about on par with last year.


In spite of all those projects, this year I only released 3 new designs! I spent a large portion of the year working on designs that are not self-published, which is a first for me. Unfortunately, that means slower release times for you guys. It does also mean you’ve got more new patterns to look forward to in 2015 though!

puck drop

I also made time for spinning this year, although not enough to warrant the spinning widget I talked about last year. Kind of makes me wonder where all my time went. Too many hours spent on that darn bill-paying day job, I’ll bet! I also added a lucky 13 finished projects to my Ravelry notebook, 4 of which are sweaters. While they’re still pretty heavy on the usual blue/green/purple, there are some distinctively different colors represented this year too. Yay me! All in all, a pretty good year I think!

P.S. Today is my birthday, did you get a gift from me? If you have one of my patterns in your Ravelry wishlist, you might have! Log in to find out.

Miles and Miles

I’ve been a bit reluctant to post progress on anything I’m knitting lately because there honestly just isn’t much to show. I recently finished the last of a collection of patterns that will be coming out before too much longer, but because it isn’t published yet I can’t share! There’s also the Husbeast’s sweater, and I actually have gotten quite a bit done on that in the last week. His offer to do the Christmas driving definitely helped there. However…


As you can see, the sweater consists of approximately 23462783 miles of fingering weight, single color stockinette, and that’s just not interesting to look at. Not only that, but you have to add at least another 264 miles of stockinette before the photo will look noticeably different from the last one.


I have gotten a bit of spinning done this break though, and today I plied up a new skein of… the same ol’ blue-grey stuff I’ve definitely shown you before.


I’m at the point where stubborn desire to use all this fiber up before moving on to the next one is rapidly losing ground to, “Man I’m sick of spinning the exact same thing.” It looks like there’s so little of the blue-grey left, but I swear it’s breeding every time I turn my back. No matter how much I spin, there’s always the exact same amount of untouched fiber sitting in the cubby the next day.

So as you can see, I’ve been very productive. And I have almost nothing to show for it. Distract me: what fantabulous projects do you have going right now?

Messy Stress Knitting

My life is the messy bit right now, between having surprise-hosted Easter yesterday, the exhausting family dramas that caused and resulted from surprise-hosting Easter yesterday, the surprise late frost last night (poor garden!), and a bit of serious yuck at work today. Unfortunately, the main knitting projects I have going right now are both my own design, and thus nowhere near mindless or comforting. What’s a stressed knitter to do?


Can you hear it? It says, “Christinaaaa…come and knit meeee!”

There’s a responsible part of me that doesn’t want to cast on yet another project, even if that awesome self-striping sock yarn in my stash is calling my name. There’s another part of me that knows if I don’t have something mindless to knit on at times like this, I won’t knit at all. Maybe spinning. That could be mindless and meditative. If the wool cooperates.

What’s your go-to stress craft?

Knitting Update…Kind Of

I still can’t show you the big exciting projects I’m putting lots of time and effort into lately, but here are some little updates.

I finished the first sleeve on Flutter and am making slow (very slow) progress on the second. I seriously can not wait for this sweater to be done.


The purse socks are also progressing very slowly. I’m not so annoyed about that though, because I haven’t really spent much time working on them. That means I haven’t really spent much time waiting around for things to happen, and that’s a very good thing.


One thing I did accomplish this week though was spinning and plying this entire skein of mystery wool. It seems to be about worsted weight, and I got a solid 72g out of it. There’s plenty more of the wool, but that’s all that will fit on the wheel so that’s about as big as my skeins ever get.


Looking Back

In just a few hours, 2013 will officially be over. What did I accomplish this year? Well, there were some big life “things” this year, most notably the new house and new pup.


But this is a crafting blog. What about my crafting accomplishments? This year I knit 9168 yards, plus a few more if you count a WIP and a design sample not currently registered in Ravelry.


I released 10 new designs and made a serious effort to get my name out there more. Although I managed to afford Ravelry advertising for the first time recently (tech and photo editing had previously sucked up pretty much everything I made), I think the Giftalong was actually the best thing I did for sales all year.

Swept Away


I finished 5 adult sweaters and one baby sweater. I created a total of 19 knit projects and 3 crochet ones that are publicly viewable on Ravelry. Swept Away got the most favorites of the bunch, but I think September Storms gets the most day to day use.

September Storms cover


I also got the hang of spindle spinning and acquired a spinning wheel. I still wouldn’t quite say I’m adept at the wheel, but I’m getting better. It is definitely one more thing on the list of fibery addictions. I can’t even begin to estimate what kind of yardage I spun this year, since so much of it will never be knit. Maybe next year I’ll add a spinning widget to the knitting one.

I did not shrink my stash noticeably. I made plenty with it, but it’s pretty much all been replaced with more. I’m still gonna call that one a win.

P.S. Today is my birthday, did you get a gift from me? If you have one of my patterns in your Ravelry wishlist, you might have! Log in to find out.

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