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The Marquess

The next pattern in my Peerage collection is ready! I’m excited to share with you my newest tie pattern, The Marquess!

marquess hero

The Marquess is more formal that its sibling The Viscount, but not quite to the level of The Duke. It falls about in line with the Duke in terms of difficulty – this is not a beginner pattern, but it’s not difficult. If you can follow directions and you know what moss stitch is, you’re probably good to go.

marquess texture

So if you’re looking for a little something to freshen up your office wardrobe – you’ve found it!


P.S. Still looking for testers for my new lace beret! It’s a great springtime pattern too!

Spring Fever

I am alive! Spring has arrived and I’ve been a bit distracted by real life lately, so forgive me for not posting much on the blog!


As much as I’ve been doing lately, there’s really not much to talk about! It’s mostly been teacher stuff, which is often time consuming but not really that interesting to hear about. There has been plenty of knitting and pattern writing though. The next pattern in the tie collection is only waiting on photography. Can’t wait to get it out there!

Things are also happening over in my Ravelry group. If you haven’t taken my KAL survey yet, please do! I’m hoping to launch one soon! I’ve also got a test knit starting soon. Want early (and free) access to my upcoming hat pattern? Come test it for me!

The Viscount

It’s time for the next pattern in my Peerage collection of neckties! I am happy to share with you The Viscount.


This tie is a bit more casual than its predecessor, The Duke. Its simple texture and blunt ends make it a fun way to spruce up your outfit for a hot date or other semi-dress occasion. This is also one of the more beginner friendly patterns in the collection. Its single skein, minimal shaping nature makes it ideal for someone just venturing into knitting. Of course, if you’re more advanced, there’s no reason it can’t be an easy, instant gratification “palette cleanser” for you!

viscount detail

It may not look like it today, but spring is coming. Color, warmth, patio seating, outdoor weddings…what will you be wearing?


The Duke

Happy weekend! It is busy as ever in Casa Feel Good, but I have a new pattern for you! The post-production on this one took absolutely forever, but the pattern is actually quite the quick knit! It’s also a serious departure from my typical, distinctively feminine designs. It’s a necktie!

the duke

Last fall my husband, who has always been better at keeping up with the latest fashions than I am, casually mentioned to me that knitted ties are very “in” right now and if, ya know, I ever wanted to make one he’d be okay with that. Of course I leapt on that before he could change his mind. Thus, The Duke was born.

the duke

The Duke is the first in an upcoming collection of knitted ties that are, indeed, on trend. However, this one is on the more stoic and traditional side of the collection, making it appropriate for more formal offices and similar situations. I feel it really walks the line between showing personality and style, and meeting business standards of dress.

duke knot

Intrigued? Does The Duke sound like someone in your life? Click and see!


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