Messy Cabin Fever

The weather still sucks. I mean, it is still February, so I should probably just take it in stride, but really? Ick. So ready for spring.


We continued to have snow and ice and record-breaking cold all last week, to the point where I “officially” only worked 6 hours the whole week. Then Saturday we got the biggest snowstorm of the year by far, and by lunchtime my yard and most of the things in it had nearly disappeared.

strawberry pot

It continued to snow until some time after I went to sleep. While those of you who have only ever lived up north are probably laughing at these pictures, those of you who have lived around here know we genuinely have no way of coping with this level of snow around here, except for the good old “stay inside until it goes away” method. At least there’s been plenty of good food.

bread and soup

And with all the extra time at home and only so many hours of grading and planning I can stand in a day, there’s been plenty of knitting. I actually got to the point where I’m in a weird lull between designs, so I’ve picked up this behemoth of insanity again.


That may also have been inspired by how darn cold it is. Seems like perfect blanket making weather to me.

Snow Day!

So for the last two days, this has been happening:


Which, as I live in a state that shuts down when it snows, means a lot of this has been happening as well:


and this:

bread dough

and finally, finally this:


I could get used to this snow day business.

The Viscount

It’s time for the next pattern in my Peerage collection of neckties! I am happy to share with you The Viscount.


This tie is a bit more casual than its predecessor, The Duke. Its simple texture and blunt ends make it a fun way to spruce up your outfit for a hot date or other semi-dress occasion. This is also one of the more beginner friendly patterns in the collection. Its single skein, minimal shaping nature makes it ideal for someone just venturing into knitting. Of course, if you’re more advanced, there’s no reason it can’t be an easy, instant gratification “palette cleanser” for you!

viscount detail

It may not look like it today, but spring is coming. Color, warmth, patio seating, outdoor weddings…what will you be wearing?

Still Endless

It’s been not quite 9 days since I posted about the endless yoke of this darn sweater. I’ve put roughly 20 hours into it since the last post. And can you tell which of these pictures is last week versus this week?


Cuz even though I’ve knitted miles and miles, there doesn’t appear to be any appreciable difference in size or in how long it takes me to knit a row. At this point I am torn between dropping everything else (Job? Who needs that?) to get this stupid thing done this week, or giving in, chucking it in the bin, and lighting it on fire.

Not sure which impulse is going to win, to be honest.

Endless Yoke

I have reached the yoke on Hubby’s new sweater, and it. is. endless. I always feel that way about the widest part of raglan sweaters, but it seems extra bad with this particular dark, stockinette, fingering-weight yoke that is nearly twice the size of one of my own sweaters.


Ugh. All I can think about is the pretty red sweater in my mind, and how much I’d rather be knitting (and wearing) that. Focus Christina, focus.

Spun and Done

I have had this giant box of unknown blue-grey fiber sitting in my stash in two homes now, for a good four years.


This was maybe half the original.

It was a gift from Hubby’s sister back when we were engaged, and I have been spinning it for.ever. Initially I spun it on my very first drop spindle, and the first skein was pretty unusable.


I kept plugging away, and eventually got my beloved wheel which made the spinning much faster. Eventually it became a garter stitch beret and a ladder stitch cowl, and there was still more. Lots more.


I kind of settled into spinning and plying it to be more or less worsted weight, and I’ve been stockpiling it in my stash. Today, I finally, finally spun the very. last. bit.

last skein

63 beautiful grams of the very last skein of this stuff! Done done done done done! Paired with the other skeins, I think I have about 550 yards of roughly worsted weight two-ply. What should I make with it?


“One More Row” and Other Lies

You know those little things we tell ourselves about crafting? Or perhaps you tell them to your loved ones. Those things we swear we mean in the moment, but we all know in reality aren’t ever going to actually happen. Here are my top 10. What are yours?

1. One more row.

I should really get to bed. Just one more row. Man, if I don’t work out soon it’s going to be too late to get any exercise in today. Just let me do one more row. Sure honey, I’ll go take out the trash. After I knit one more row.

2. I’m only going to knit from stash.

I have so much yarn it is overflowing my stash cubicles. There has to be enough in there to last through the yarnpocalypse. So how is it I don’t have any yarn for this project I’ve chosen?

yarn storage


3. This isn’t nearly enough knitting for this trip.

Yes, I’m only going to be gone a weekend. Yes, I will be driving for most of it, and unable to knit. Yes, I am only 25% done with this sweater. But what if I finish it?

4. I don’t need to swatch for this.

I’ve knit patterns like this a million times. I’ve knit with this yarn before. I’m sure it’ll fit fine.

5. I’m just going to hold onto this amazing skein until the perfect pattern comes along.

There is no perfect pattern. Perfect patterns do not exist. Besides, I like sweaters but somehow decided it would be brilliant to buy ONE skein. I have bought yarn art. I should just give up and put it on display as is.

6. I’m not a good enough knitter to do ____________.

Cables? Lace? Colorwork? I can’t do that. Sure, I’m perfectly smart in a dozen other arenas, I know 47 knitters who would be happy to give me tips, and the internet is a big, big place with lots of tutorials and videos. Yeah sure, the LYS offers lessons on this very topic. But I can’t buy this beautiful pattern I’m lusting over. I can’t do cables.



7. Everyone will notice that mistake.

Did I notice the mistake in my knitting bestie’s new sweater? Or the mistake in that lady’s hat at knit night? Has anyone ever commented on the dozens of mistakes in the photos I’ve no doubt posted on this blog? But this tiny, insignificant mistake on the sole of my sock? Everyone is going to notice. And they will all point and laugh.

8. No one will notice that mistake.

Ah, the other half of the lie. Okay, no one else will notice that little mistake I just found 98 rounds back in this sweater. But I will. I will notice every. single. time I wear the blasted thing. And I will cry. A lot.

9. I can totally knit and wear this whole sweater before it gets warm.

It is March 5, and I’ve never knit an entire sweater in less than a month. This one is also heavily cabled, tunic-length, and extremely warm. But I can totally get some use out of it before the weather turns. This sweater is special.

10. I will knit ALL of my presents!

Because I totally have time for that. And besides, everybody loves unsolicited hand-knits!


Maybe I should stick to cookies.


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