This right here is absolutely everything I ever wanted in a red yarn. This yarn is about to be the red sweater of my dreams. My ball winder broke about 50 cranks into the first skein, and I didn’t even care because it meant more time touching and looking at this yarn. Madeline Tosh is my hero.

P.S. The colorway is “Tart”, if you need a little red of the gods too.

A Change of Pace

I was thinking last week about the comments you guys left, and how to find the time and energy to squeeze in more knitting each day. Since I have several patterns waiting on tech editing right now (and two waiting on photos), now seems like a great time to take a “brain break” and knit someone else’s pattern. Way easier!

I got all excited and splurged a bit on some yummy new MadTosh (in Tart) to make myself an Old Town. I ordered it last week and have been obsessively checking the mailbox ever since, but sadly I only just got the shipping notice today. So, since there was somehow nothing else on my needles, today I went stash diving.

I cast on Dunfallandy today. I have absolutely no idea who I’m going to give it to when it’s done, but oh is it fun so far. Apparently my fingers do indeed believe that fall will eventually arrive, because cables are about the most satisfying thing I can imagine right now.


Back to School

Well, teachers in my district are officially back to work. The kids will follow at the end of the month. Unfortunately, that means a serious blow to my energy levels and knitting time! On the other hand, I am excited as always about the new year and new kids. I’m trying something new and putting “15 minutes of knitting” on my daily to-do list, in the hopes that seeing it there will actually prompt me to do it. It would be nice to have that little bit of visible productivity and stress relief every day! What do you think? How to you make yourself make time when you’re busy?

Photographing Green

I’ve been spinning fiber in the most gorgeous heathered shades of green this week, and you would never know it.


I’ve tried photographing it for you half a dozen different ways, and not only does not a single one come remotely close to the correct color…


None of them are even close to the same color as in any of the other pictures.


It’s bizarre. What is it about green that’s apparently so impossible to photograph?


It’s a shame because so much of what I make is, in fact, green. Anyone more skilled with the camera have some advice?

August Steam

With no break yet in the 90+ degree days, cotton remains my knitting savior. Pima is currently about my favorite thing ever. It occurs to me that this is also a pretty perfect time of year for spinning. I have a gorgeous bundle of green wool still sitting untouched; I think it’s definitely time to fix that.

green wool

Hubby’s office is treating us to a baseball game in D.C. this evening, so it’ll definitely be cotton and not spinning tonight. Of course, if it doesn’t cool off some before game time, I might not be able to bear knitting after all!

Cotton Queen

I am slowly slogging through the rewriting of my design for the dratted multi-yarn,

take 2

but my heart just isn’t in it at the moment. The project is working up nicely; I’m just tired of working on it. Luckily, the yarn support I mentioned in previous posts has arrived! Turns out it had an excellent reason for being delayed, but now it is here and smooshy and lovely and a perfectly timed dose of “new” to consume all of my attention.


It occurs to me that both of these projects are made of cotton yarns, and thank goodness for that because there are no days in the local forecast with highs below 90. I love summer anyway, but it’s a little easier to love with weather-appropriate yarns.

Vacation Knitting

Last week I promised a post on the project I took along to Montreal, so here goes. Since the yarn support I’m waiting on didn’t make it here before I left town, I started a new, somewhat experimental design with some variegated cotton I had laying around. Variegated yarns are always a little dicey to play around with – so many things can wind up looking wonky.

But, I had hopes! So I brought along the full pack of yarn and a couple different needles and other supplies to allow for mind changing as I worked. Then I spent about half of the drive up and back (about 11 hours each way) and lots of time in Montreal, plus all of last week, working on…this:


Sometimes designing hurts.


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