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Tidewater Twist

It’s summer, and that means new summer wear! I’m so excited to introduce you to my new sleeveless top, Tidewater Twist!

Whether you’re feeling a bit twisted up about summer or just trying to stay cool, this is the pattern for you! This lightweight tank feels extra cool and breezy in a soft cotton blend, while maintaining coverage in all the right places.

A cable twists up one side of the front to add interest and bring to mind the waves of your favorite beach. Which, by the way, is a great place to wear it!

Tidewater Twist is available on Ravelry, Payhip, and LoveCrafts. Be sure to check it out today!

Ribbon Candy

I’m excited to introduce my latest pattern, Ribbon Candy!

This summery confection is the perfect blend of luxury and fun. The broad-shouldered tank features flattering chevrons in seven different colors, making it a great way to use up those single skeins of luxury yarn or a gorgeous artsy gradient set.

The sample uses two different yarns from Lake Knit Yarns, Pebble MCN and a Mini Skein Set, which lend themselves particularly well to a gradient pattern like this. Choose a bright, candy-coated color for extra fun!

In light of recent events, for the first week after publication (June 3 through June 10), 50% of all sales of Ribbon Candy will be donated to Know Your Rights Camp.

Mountain Air

I’m so happy to share a cool breeze with you on this hot August day! My new pattern Mountain Air is exactly the sort of light, airy tunic you need on a hot summer day.

This charming a-line tunic features a few creative, highly-personalized shaping options to insure the perfect fit for every body.

Mountain Air is worked with a provisional cast-on from the bust up, and then from the bust down. Its soft, floating lines pair well with a light skirt, or with jeans for a nice transitional piece between seasons.

Mountain Air


In case you missed it on my various other social media, I have a new pattern for you! I’m very happy to introduce you to Hamilton.


It may seem a little odd to be introducing a sleeveless pattern in November (unless you’re lucky enough to be in the southern hemisphere!) but knitting is not a fast process, and neither is publishing! Luckily, fingering weight yarn is great for layering, and Hamilton looks great under a cardigan!


This is an amazingly comfortable bottom-up tank with plenty of options for both making and wearing. Not to mention, 4 skeins of cotton makes for a fast and inexpensive break from all that holiday knitting for everyone else!

neck corner

Hamilton is currently only available on the Knit Picks website. I hope you’ll check it out!

Spring Knitting

Spring has truly sprung around here – it’s been in the 70s and sunny the last couple days here, and warm and stormy before that. This kind of weather is great for running and my garden, but for a lot of knitters, this is where the knitting stops. Being the addict I am, I can’t imagine not knitting for more than a day or two, much less a whole season. So if you’re like me, what do you knit this time of year?
Spring Projects for Spring
Many spring-like patterns knit up quickly and can be worn right away in spring. Socks are particularly great for this. Patterns like my Bel Air and Flourishing Fields are perfect for that stretch of time where “too chilly for bare feet” meets up with “still way too warm for sweaters”.

bel air

Bel Air Socks

If you want knitting that’s appropriate for both knitting and wearing in spring, small and fast is definitely the way to go. Lacier versions of your winter accessories, for instance my lace cowl Bâtonnage also help bridge that gap between hot and cold. You can further this effect by using fiber blends that retain less heat, such as cotton and bamboo.

Spring Projects for Summer

Spring is also a good time to start planning what you want to wear this summer. Yes, you can indeed wear handknits in summer. Knitting tanks in lightweight yarns and cool, silky fibers is a beautiful thing. Tanks like my Lovely and perennial favorite Catch are great examples of projects you’ll want to start soon if you plan to wear them all summer.



Lightweight cardigans and lacy shawls like my Leonardtown and tiny Sea Spray are also good for keeping the chill off in over air-conditioned restaurants and shops, without being so heavy and warm as to be unpleasant to knit now.

Spring Knits for All Seasons

Some knits have no season. I tend to think shawls fall into this category, and if you knit openwork ones like my Swept Away you won’t have to worry about the “blanket effect” having a denser shawl-in-progress in your lap can create. As large shawls can take a while to complete, you’ll be extra grateful for your choice come summer. One word of advice, though – trading your yarn out for a summery plant-blend is not a good idea for lace projects. They really need a fiber with memory, like wool, to hold their lace patterning nicely. Choose a pattern with a lightweight yarn instead.

Swept Away

Swept Away

Of course, you may disagree that shawls are seasonless, or live somewhere so hot that even the thought of a lace shawl in your lap is too much (this also applies for summer knitting). In that case, what about non-wearables? Household objects like my Aeration tend to be too small to create heat problems, and don’t go on your body at all!

So those are my favorite things to knit in spring. In fact, I’m currently working on a new top for summer myself. What do you like to knit in spring?


The forecast for today is back around 100 (38) degrees, and the sun has thoroughly burned away the 3 days of dark and rain we just saw. The return of the sun has me itching to go play outside, but the heat make my usual favorites – running, one-on-one sports with my husband, even a nice hike – less palatable. It is, however, the perfect day to go splash around in the water.

Today is also the perfect day to share with you a new pattern! Introducing Catch, a fun, fingering weight tank top that’s literally designed for bright summer days like this.


The simple, mostly stockinette fabric means it knits up quickly and won’t make you sweat under layers of heavy cables. The lace panels at the neck and hips allow extra breathing room and add just enough interest to keep you from getting bored while knitting. Even more fun, the lace panels have beads! The glass seed beads used in the sample are perfect for catching the sun and adding a bit of sparkle to your day.


I hope you’ll have just as much fun with this top as I do. As always, enjoy!

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