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Take a Chill Pill, Man

Some days (weeks, months) you really just need to chill. Not only have I been struggling with this lately, but so have a striking number of my coworkers. So, I took a break from my Old Town this week to knit myself a Chill Pill.

chill pill

I love him. He lives on the shelf above my guided reading table, looking all placid and content like I should. He’s also quite mashable, which helps me with the whole “placid and content” thing sometimes. My teammates love him too.

You know what really helped me “chill” this weekend though? It caught me by surprise what a difference it made, but Sunday evening the Husbeast and I spent an hour out in the hammock, watching the eclipse.

eclipse starteclipse late

I felt like a new woman, after. Total peace.


Back to School

Well, teachers in my district are officially back to work. The kids will follow at the end of the month. Unfortunately, that means a serious blow to my energy levels and knitting time! On the other hand, I am excited as always about the new year and new kids. I’m trying something new and putting “15 minutes of knitting” on my daily to-do list, in the hopes that seeing it there will actually prompt me to do it. It would be nice to have that little bit of visible productivity and stress relief every day! What do you think? How to you make yourself make time when you’re busy?

I Survived!

It felt like a close call from time to time, but I managed to survive to Winter Break! Time to put up some decorations,


bake some cookies,


and finish some knitting.


Return to sanity: begin.

P.S. Because I know you’ll ask, the hat pattern is Kris Carlson’s Nubby.

One of Those Weeks

I have a new design I was hoping to finish knitting this week, but we’re giving the state reading test next week and I’ve been pretty darn zapped all week. Literally all I’ve been able to manage knitting is a few desperate rounds of the “comfort knitting” self-stripers.


And I do mean a few desperate rounds. Yes, that is not even an insole. And yes, that is still the first sock.

On the other hand, it is also Teacher Appreciation Week, and my students are adorable. My house is full of flowers.


Messy Stress Knitting

My life is the messy bit right now, between having surprise-hosted Easter yesterday, the exhausting family dramas that caused and resulted from surprise-hosting Easter yesterday, the surprise late frost last night (poor garden!), and a bit of serious yuck at work today. Unfortunately, the main knitting projects I have going right now are both my own design, and thus nowhere near mindless or comforting. What’s a stressed knitter to do?


Can you hear it? It says, “Christinaaaa…come and knit meeee!”

There’s a responsible part of me that doesn’t want to cast on yet another project, even if that awesome self-striping sock yarn in my stash is calling my name. There’s another part of me that knows if I don’t have something mindless to knit on at times like this, I won’t knit at all. Maybe spinning. That could be mindless and meditative. If the wool cooperates.

What’s your go-to stress craft?

Out Like a Lion

There’s an old saying (at least around here) that March comes “in like a lion, and out like a lamb”. This March certainly did come in like a lion, with its bitter cold and unseasonable snows, but it seems to be going out like a lion too. It is still colder than average, although thankfully it’s currently raining instead of snowing. The wind is howling too, and it supposed to keep up through tomorrow. It also hailed today.

flutter pieces

It has rained and snowed so much in the last couple weeks that things are really starting to flood. I’m actually mildly concerned for the garden. It also means that the bits of my Flutter that are blocking are taking foreeeeeeever to dry. I had really hoped to have this stupid sweater put together and finished by now. Sigh.

customfit back

Instead I’ve continued to work on my CustomFit sweater and do an absolutely ungodly amount of grading. It’s amazing how much grading there always is at the end of the quarter, as students turn in all the work they’ve neglected to turn in all marking period. Remember when late grades used to be a scary and embarrassing thing? Again, sigh.

I could really go for some springtime right now.

How Cold Is It?

It is cold enough that I have now begun double gloving

double gloves

Pattern is Sleekit Mitts by Star Rabinowitz

and double socking under my boots, and I am still so cold it is physically painful during bus duty.

double socks

Just plain vanilla socks. No pattern.

I am so tired of this winter. I’m always tired of winter by this time of year but really, this particular one? With its endless wind and weeks at a time of 30 degrees below seasonable? This winter can go die in a fire.

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