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Goose Creek

The weather is getting cool, and it’s the perfect time to cuddle up under a new blanket like my Goose Creek!

Young child with Goose Creek blanket pulled up over his lap and one shoulder.

Log cabin blankets and herringbone stitch are both classics that are currently back in trend. Boost the modern, trendy feel of this children’s blanket with bold, on-trend colors or go classic with softer pinks or blues. Either way, this sturdy security blanket is sure to be loved by a kid in your life for years to come.

Young child wearing Goose Creek blanket and smiling at the camera.

Goose Creek includes includes a schematic and written instructions for creating the log cabin-style blanket. Suggestions are included for modifying the size of the blanket if desired, including a chart with common blanket sizes. The pattern also include written and photo instructions for knitting herringbone stitch, as well as links to a video tutorial on herringbone stitch.

Close-up of Goose Creek blanket.

Helena Again

Mama-to-be’s baby shower was yesterday, so let me share with you guys! There was lots of cuteness, but here’s her opening Helena.


It was definitely a hit, and apparently there are also still staff members who didn’t know I knit. I think a few more realized that I’m not a beginning knitter. The reactions were hysterical.



In addition to the usual, “I wear a medium!” and “Can I hire you to make [insert ridiculously time-consuming and underpaid project here]” comments, I got an interesting professional lead though. I’ll post details if anything comes of it!


This might be the most painfully adorable thing I’ve ever knitted. It’s going to kill me to sit on it for a month, now that it’s complete.


Helena,by Alison Green


It is so, so cute and I’m almost sad I won’t be working on it anymore. I (obviously) went with a shorter sleeve than the pattern calls for, since she’ll be an April baby. I also replaced the edging with a more traditional picot. Otherwise, this is as written and I am totally in love.

So Much Adorable

The kids at work have been extra super cute lately, what with their impressions of evil cows and their desperate attempts to pronounce “rehabilitator” correctly and the sudden obsession with Deaf applause (okay, all of those may have been today). All the extra laughing at work has been great stress relief. Additionally, this is on my needles.


Helena in progress

I don’t tend to make many baby things, and I’m generally not a fan of pink, but oh. my. goodness. This cardigan is so precious I just want to squee a little every time I pick it up. I think I might be near the legal limit for cuteness today. If you hear an explosion, the cat probably put me over my adorable limit. Knowing his Russian Blue tendencies, I may be done for.

In a Holding Pattern

There are a whole lot of things about to happen in my life, and not a one of them is in my hands right now. Frustration!! Most of them are things I don’t really want to talk about for fear of jinxing them, so instead here is the beginning of a baby sweater:


I’m not usually a pink girl, but this is knitting up ridiculously adorable. Also my best friend is getting married in September and I find myself daydreaming about designing a shawl to go with my bridesmaid dress. This is a really bad idea because I already have multiple samples going, plus the baby sweater and Spinning Tuesdays (yes, I am spinning today). But since none of those projects seem to have any interest in finishing themselves, I really want to start something new. Because Knitter’s Logic is like that.

Quick Update

Baby knitting-wise, I think I’ve come to a decision. I was torn between the Helena cardigan and the Design C Textured Cardigan, but yesterday Mama Coworker mentioned casually to me that she was so sick of Batman (her son’s current obsession) and football (her husband’s obsession) and couldn’t wait to do pink and frilly and girly-girl with the new baby. Helena has picot edging and pretty ribbons in addition to the lace, so that sold me.

Helena by Alison Green Will, photo also by Alison Green Will

Helena by Alison Green Will, photo also by Alison Green Will

I’ve also been busily spinning away on the luscious silk-merino blend I mentioned a few posts back. My yarn is getting more consistent, but it’s still not quite where I want it to be. While there were fewer slubs this time, there are still some. It’s also noticeably thicker at the end of the cop than it was at the beginning, although the change was slow enough that I didn’t notice it while I was spinning. Frustrating. It is pretty and does feel nice though.


Can’t quite get the colors to photograph right…

Most of my knitting time has been spent on samples lately. I sure wish I could share some of those with you!

In which I am a slacker

So I’ve been slacking. Not on the knitting front, or designing, or spinning. I’ve done a lot of each of those lately. Can’t share most of it with you (see: designing), but there’s been a lot of it. No, I’ve been slacking because one of the wonderful women I share my classroom with is pregnant. Like, due in April pregnant. Like, I’ve had a lot of time to plan for this pregnant. And what have I knit for her? Not a stitch.

I have this:

comfort dk

She’s expecting a girl.

but no idea what to do with it. It’s Berroco Comfort DK, and while it looks awfully thin for DK to me, Ravelers don’t seem to have had any trouble getting gauge. I have 356 yards (326 meters) of it and no inspiration. Every time I go to browse Rav I get annoyed and frustrated by the number of non-babies that come up when I search “newborn”, and then I conveniently find something better to do. Help?

Baby Shower

Owlie Sleep Sack is finished, and we had the office baby shower today. I think this might be my single favorite knitting gift reaction ever.


So good for the knitter’s spirit.

She knew exactly what it was and was thrilled to have a sleep sack (phew!), but also majorly impressed that it’s possible to make one. She has two kids already, so I’m a little surprised no one’s ever knitted for her babies before. Maybe they have and she’s just that good at being grateful for gifts. Either way, I’m tickled and apparently so is she. I love it when a gift goes well!


The actual sleep sack.

So Not a One-Project Girl

I am torn. I finally decided on a project for my coworker’s baby shower. Sarah suggested kick sacks a while back, which were not something I’d ever heard of. Once I looked it up though, I liked the idea of a blanket the baby can’t kick off. I decided on the Owlie Sleep Sack and have been making good progress. That’s important, because her shower’s next week and if I don’t keep getting a few dozen rows a day done, I won’t finish in time!


Owlie Sleep Sack, pattern by Teresa Cole

HOWEVER. I am reeeeeally close to being done with the last pattern in the grape themed e-book, and I would so much rather be working on that right now. I can’t quite put my finger on why it’s so much more tempting right now, other than the fact that it’s almost done. I’m really struggling to remain strong though!

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