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Distract Me

As I’ve just cast-on 200+ stitches for the third time with this new design, I’m not particularly interested in talking about my knitting at the moment. Let’s talk about the weather…or hockey…or yummy harvest foods…or pretty much anything else but what I’m knitting right now.

What are you knitting right now? Distract me, please!

That Wandering Eye

I love wearing lightweight sweaters, and I mostly like knitting them. Of the 35 sweaters I’ve put on to Ravelry (because I can’t begin to remember the ones I made pre-Ravelry), a lucky 13 of them have been sport weight or lighter. Clearly I don’t hate fine-gauge sweaters.

tangled back

BUT. There comes a point in every sweater’s creation, usually sometime around the sleeves, where my eye begins to wander. I can’t help but notice all the other sexy little projects out there, and wonder how I got stuck with this dud. I know in my heart there’s not anything wrong with my poor little sweater in progress. It hasn’t done anything to deserve my scorn.

old town progress

I’m just tired of it. I need a quick dalliance with a sweet little something on the side, then I’ll go back to being a loyal sweater knitter. I swear.

I’m leaning towards making a Chill Pill, mostly because I think it would be fun to throw at my coworkers during whiny team meetings (we’re a bit of a silly bunch). Totally understandable, right?

Endless Yoke

I have reached the yoke on Hubby’s new sweater, and it. is. endless. I always feel that way about the widest part of raglan sweaters, but it seems extra bad with this particular dark, stockinette, fingering-weight yoke that is nearly twice the size of one of my own sweaters.


Ugh. All I can think about is the pretty red sweater in my mind, and how much I’d rather be knitting (and wearing) that. Focus Christina, focus.

Out Like a Lion

There’s an old saying (at least around here) that March comes “in like a lion, and out like a lamb”. This March certainly did come in like a lion, with its bitter cold and unseasonable snows, but it seems to be going out like a lion too. It is still colder than average, although thankfully it’s currently raining instead of snowing. The wind is howling too, and it supposed to keep up through tomorrow. It also hailed today.

flutter pieces

It has rained and snowed so much in the last couple weeks that things are really starting to flood. I’m actually mildly concerned for the garden. It also means that the bits of my Flutter that are blocking are taking foreeeeeeever to dry. I had really hoped to have this stupid sweater put together and finished by now. Sigh.

customfit back

Instead I’ve continued to work on my CustomFit sweater and do an absolutely ungodly amount of grading. It’s amazing how much grading there always is at the end of the quarter, as students turn in all the work they’ve neglected to turn in all marking period. Remember when late grades used to be a scary and embarrassing thing? Again, sigh.

I could really go for some springtime right now.

In a Holding Pattern

There are a whole lot of things about to happen in my life, and not a one of them is in my hands right now. Frustration!! Most of them are things I don’t really want to talk about for fear of jinxing them, so instead here is the beginning of a baby sweater:


I’m not usually a pink girl, but this is knitting up ridiculously adorable. Also my best friend is getting married in September and I find myself daydreaming about designing a shawl to go with my bridesmaid dress. This is a really bad idea because I already have multiple samples going, plus the baby sweater and Spinning Tuesdays (yes, I am spinning today). But since none of those projects seem to have any interest in finishing themselves, I really want to start something new. Because Knitter’s Logic is like that.

Double Messy

I’ve got a two-fer for you today. First, we went out of town (just for one night!) and the cat did NOT approve. He took it out on a sweater WIP I didn’t pack.

messy cat


He was more than willing to “help” me clean up his mess though.


So helpful.

Then, cuz it’s just been extra messy in Casa Feel Good lately, there was Urchin. I dyed up that second ball of hand-spun, and it was definitely not the same shade of green as the first. So this:

half done

Almost half done!

Had to become this:


Take 2

So I could hide the fact that the dye lots aren’t quite the same. Luckily it’s not a very time-consuming pattern, but still – frustration. I’m beginning to suspect the gauge swatch on another project I’m knitting lied to me too, but that could be a whole other post. I love knitting I love knitting I love knitting…


Psst…I’d still love your opinion on this post too!



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