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Sky Scarf 2012

It took me a few days to get the blog post together, but I did complete my Sky Scarf on the 31st. It is awesome! It really did serve its purpose of making me more mindful of the weather (and noticing how much it really does affect my mood) and serves as a nifty souvenir of 2012. It turned out really super long:

long scarf

But luckily I intended to connect the end and wear it as a big, showy cowl. As an added bonus, I get to look at a much larger proportion of the stripey goodness all the time.

sky cowl

I’ve worn it out in public twice now, and raised surprisingly little interest. There was one fellow knitter (apparently) among the parents dropping their kids off at work who latched on right away to the fact that I’d probably made it, but most people haven’t even looked twice at it, let alone commented. It seems off for a cowl (infinity scarf?) this massive and colorful, with such irregularly placed stripes and beads. I’m sure happy with it though!

sky scarf

Sandy Continues

Still here, unscathed and fully powered! I think part of the reason we’ve been lucky so far is because we are so darn used to flooding in this town. We are all prepared.

old town

Picture by Monique Lyons via

Other places have not been so lucky. My aunt an hour and a half east of here has had more than 3 inches of rain already, and her power has been off and on since 11 last night. Believe it or not, the western (mountainous) side of the state is under blizzard watches. Lots of “snowicane” jokes from my colleagues out there. Pretty much everything in the area has shut down today and preemptively for tomorrow too. It seems a little odd while I’m sitting here warm and well lit, and the outside looks like this:


The leaves are pretty much gone now.


It is indeed blowing out there.

But while plenty’s been blown about, and there are some trees starting to fall, nothing’s been majorly damaged here. Inside, I’m working happily on this,


I have high hopes for this one.

and my biggest worry is that there’s a hurricane outside and I have exactly this many rain beads left for my Sky Scarf:



Mid-year Sky Scarf Update

Well, it’s July1 (happy Canada Day to any Canadian readers!) and I’ve now put in an even 6 months of work on the Sky Scarf.

sky scarf

For those who haven’t done one, the idea is to knit 2 rows/rounds each day that match the color of the sky that day. Personally, I also add beads when it rains or snows. With the exception of the wicked overnight storm we had Friday night/Saturday morning, there hasn’t been much rain to speak of lately.

The scarf is only halfway done, but it’s already long enough to be complete.

scarf length

In this shot the other end of the scarf is just touching the floor. It’s a solid 50 inches (127 cm), which means it’ll be of absolutely epic proportions by New Year’s. Part of me thinks that’s going to be really cool, but a tiny, quiet part of me kind of wishes I’d used lace weight. This is Knit Picks’ Palette, which has a fantastic array of color options (even more now than when I first ordered, it appears), but is fingering weight.

folded scarf

It sure does look pretty all bundled up though. Even if the scarf does barely fit in the basket any more.


I have several piles of grading that look like this:


to do this weekend. I also have piles of laundry and general cleaning that get neglected during the week.

However, I also currently have a sky that looks like this:


and a pile of squishy goodness that looks like this:

knitting pile

calling to me. With the hubby out of town, there’s even the allure of free-reign over Netflix tonight while I knit.

I know what the responsible choice is. But with the week I’ve just had and a blog named “Feel Good Knitting”, I think we all know what’s actually going to happen tonight.

Encourage me?

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