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I am feeling decidedly uninspired by absolutely everything lately. It seems to be a case of the “Winter Blahs” mixed with some serious stress at work this week. Normally my solution for a lack of inspiration is a hard workout (outdoors if I can steal some daylight), a hot shower, and some Pinterest trolling.

pinterest profile

My aptly named Knitspiration board is a particular favorite, as is my Feel Good board. Maybe if I  browse through them (and new entries from a few pinning friends) long enough I’ll feel like knitting more than a row per episode of the Netflix series du jour. What do you do to get your mojo back this time of year?

In which I am a slacker

So I’ve been slacking. Not on the knitting front, or designing, or spinning. I’ve done a lot of each of those lately. Can’t share most of it with you (see: designing), but there’s been a lot of it. No, I’ve been slacking because one of the wonderful women I share my classroom with is pregnant. Like, due in April pregnant. Like, I’ve had a lot of time to plan for this pregnant. And what have I knit for her? Not a stitch.

I have this:

comfort dk

She’s expecting a girl.

but no idea what to do with it. It’s Berroco Comfort DK, and while it looks awfully thin for DK to me, Ravelers don’t seem to have had any trouble getting gauge. I have 356 yards (326 meters) of it and no inspiration. Every time I go to browse Rav I get annoyed and frustrated by the number of non-babies that come up when I search “newborn”, and then I conveniently find something better to do. Help?

Temporary(?) Obsession

The impulsive yen to knit in wine colors is not abating. I blame the days on end of perfect, golden sunshine and the consistently brilliant sunsets of the last week or so. The evenings are beginning to cool as well, and it just begs for sitting out on the balcony with a smoky red, enjoying the quiet air.

So Raspberry Merlot finished, and I immediately cast on a deep purple beret. I finished that and a matching cowl, and was still not satiated. We won’t talk about the failed Kindle cover. Now I’m plowing through another, totally different grape-themed Kindle cover, and I’m not feeling an end in sight.

Kindle cover


I think I’m going to turn it into a collection. Surely someone else will be interested in a wine/grape themed E-book, right? Especially if I get it done at the rate I’m currently tearing through projects, and they have all Fall to knit!

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