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Progress (Sorta)

Look! It’s a sleeve(let)!


…and that’s pretty much all I have for you this week. It’s hot, work is exhausting, and my house is doing its best to steal all my time and money. Knitting is still happening, but on a fingering weight sweater progress is just not happening visibly. So instead, here is a picture of the cool moth that freaked out all my kids at recess today.

sphinx moth?


I Survived!

It felt like a close call from time to time, but I managed to survive to Winter Break! Time to put up some decorations,


bake some cookies,


and finish some knitting.


Return to sanity: begin.

P.S. Because I know you’ll ask, the hat pattern is Kris Carlson’s Nubby.

I Do, In Fact, Have Internet

Hi all. It occurs to me I haven’t updated in…2 weeks? I’m still here, but we had an unexpected death in the family and we’ve all been scrambling to stay afloat, so the blog has kind of fallen by the wayside. Hopefully next week I’ll get up a proper post, but in the mean time here are a couple quick and dirty photos of the Flaming June sweater. It’s been done for ages but I somehow never managed to post photos or mark in done on Ravelry!



Happy Halloween!

One of Those Weeks

I have a new design I was hoping to finish knitting this week, but we’re giving the state reading test next week and I’ve been pretty darn zapped all week. Literally all I’ve been able to manage knitting is a few desperate rounds of the “comfort knitting” self-stripers.


And I do mean a few desperate rounds. Yes, that is not even an insole. And yes, that is still the first sock.

On the other hand, it is also Teacher Appreciation Week, and my students are adorable. My house is full of flowers.


Mini Startitis

Apparently mental exhaustion is a pretty good cure for startitis. I gave myself permission to cast on whatever struck my fancy over the weekend, since I’d finished all my active WIPs except the sample for an upcoming design. So what did I cast on?

smitten glitten progress

A very sensible pair of Smitten Glittens to replace my ones that are finally wearing out, and

crochet snowflakes

Pattern is Snowflake #13 by Angela Grabowski

a couple of these super-fast little snowflakes to hand out to coworkers along with some cookies on Friday. That’s it. Two little bitty projects. I am so darn tired and ready for Winter Break I have absolutely no desire to start anything else either. I think I’m doing it wrong.

Messy Little Frustrations

The Black Hole is still chugging along largely unchanged, and I’ve reached a point where I’m growing suspicious I will run out of yarn for my Hatteras Hat. I’ve stopped knitting on it in the hopes my yarn will magically breed while it’s resting. Or something.

hatteras hat


Additionally, I have a coworker I work closely with who is expecting a baby in February. I’d been starting to suss out what her nursery is like and get a feel for what baby knits she might want, thinking I should get on that soon. Well, turns out the school is going to have a baby shower for her in mid-December. As in like, 2 weeks from now. I have absolutely no pattern picked or yarn bought, let alone project started. Crap.

This is a week where knitting does not feel good. Time to do something else, I think.

P.S. Christine Guest is giving away a copy of my pattern Lovely. Hop on over to her blog if you want to enter to win!

No Time for Knitting!

That’s not strictly true, but I have been coming home late and putting in several more hours of paperwork and planning from home pretty much since I went back to school. While I do try to get at least a row or two done each day for sanity’s sake, there has definitely been a lot less knitting time than normal lately.

But I have accomplished this:



Maybe by this time next week it’ll be totally done! How sad is it that that may actually be over-ambitious?

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