Introducing Messy Monday

This post is pre-fab. I am currently out of the country and probably not checking my blog, but I promise to share vacation details once I’m home!

Mondays are tough. You know what else is tough? See all those beautiful, perfect finished objects out there and knowing yours are nothing like that. It’s easy to start to believe that you’re just not that good, or that a project is just not meant to be. It’s easy to let your self-confidence take a nose dive, just like when you see those beautiful fashion models in magazines. Just like the airbrushed models, however, most finished object photos are a lie. All you’re seeing is end product, shot from the most attractive angles possible and often even digitally enhanced. What you are not seeing is the ripping, the reknits, the 2 weeks the project spent unappealingly lumped in a corner because the knitter couldn’t stand to rip back one more dang time.


No I’m not talking about myself. Why would you ever think that? šŸ˜‰

You are not seeing that hilarious deleted shot of the model caught mid-sneeze, or the time the object had to be reblocked because the cat doesn’t understand that he’s not supposed to like sitting on wet objects. You’re not seeing the frantic run to the store because the fairies have stolen every last one of the 4539 stitch markers the knitter has bought over the years. The knitter would never dare show you all the knots and splices on the backside of the work because I she once again woke up to findĀ her yarn no longer neatly tucked away. Or even intact. Pets and toddlers are dangerous, by the way.

broken yarn


This is where Messy Monday comes in. I am going to be brave and take the filters off my knitting. On Messy Mondays you will see just how ugly it can really get. Because knitting is real, ya’ll.


What do you think?

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